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It is a platform where you can manage material purchase and sale, team building, job acquisition, and recruitment processes from one place by bringing together construction companies and construction workers. In short, Workindo can be called the meeting point of the construction industry.

Constantly Testing Different Channels, Different Creatives, and Different Targeting We Believe In Your Power.

Workindo was working with a different agency before working with us. To tell the truth, the setup of the accounts and the campaign structures weren’t in a bad place. From the moment we took over, we first stopped the inefficient keywords and campaigns on the Google side. We updated the ad texts and tried to create a strong ad structure as much as possible. We tested as many different channels as possible, both search, display, and YouTube.

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Then, by taking a more active role on Facebook, we aimed to channel both advertising channels to each other. After having activated both B2B and B2C potential form advertisements in a row with the brand in Uzbekistan, UAE, Qatar, Philippines, Albania, Bulgaria, and Romania with joint decisions. During this process, we tested as many different targeting and different creatives as possible.

We broke the B2B potential customer record in the first two months since we started working.

Jan-Sep 2021 vs Jan-Sept 2022

Lead Number+110%

Our Customers’ Comments

The former agency that we have been working with had set up all the campaigns and activated our ad accounts, plus we also took care of the accounts. Our campaigns were running without a hitch and converting. We wanted to use our budget more efficiently and test up-to-date methods.After associating with Perfist, our conversion cost has decreased by approximately 20%, and the conversion rate increased by around 30%. We had positive results from the new techniques and campaign types we tested. Thanks to Perfist, we focused on campaigns for companies and increased our B2B efficiency by reaching many companies.

We can safely entrust our accounts to Perfist and receive information transparently whenever we need it. Perfist is a great agency!

Duygu Dülger – Workindo Marketing