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Tarım Garaj

Tarım Garaj, headquartered in Konya, is one of Turkey’s largest suppliers of Agriculture and Livestock materials. Tarım Garaj, which supplies products not only to Konya but to all of Turkey via e-commerce, continues its successful business life with its wide product range and strong customer relations.

Different Platforms, Radical Solutions

When we started working with Tarım Garaj, we had almost a single-channel advertising plan. We had to make considerable changes for Tarım Garaj, which is seen by users with search ads through Google Ads and maintains website traffic almost exclusively through Google. A smoother transition was planned in the beginning, staying true to the plan before us and making sure that the changes we made were correct. However, we have come to the conclusion that the performance of the campaigns on the Google side is no longer sustainable and we need to make radical changes, especially during the winter months.

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In the following period, a new and solid structure was established by transferring a large part of our budget to UN advertisements. In addition, we have planned to get maximum efficiency with the optimal budget by simplifying the structure on the Google side. Especially with the month of November, there was a significant monthly increase in the brand’s turnover, and finally, an all-time turnover record was achieved in the summer of 2022.

1 Sep 2020 – 1 Sep 2021 vs 1 Sep 2021 –1Sep 2022


Conversion Value/Cost+91%

Conversion Value+66%

To Sum Up;


Average Basket Cost+89%