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Facebook stores are virtual showcases created on your Facebook and Instagram page. With these showcases, customers and visitors can review, share and buy your products. They can do this without ever leaving the social media platform. Creating a Facebook store is pretty easy. You can create your Facebook store by following the steps below:

  • Go to the Commerce manager section and click on the Create your store page.
  • Choose the one that is suitable for you among the shopping completion methods and proceed.
  • Select the Facebook page where you will sell, if not, create a new one. If you want to make sales on Instagram, don’t forget to choose your Instagram page.
  • Select your Business manager account or create a new account.
  • Select the catalog you want to use in your store. You must make sure that the catalog you have chosen is correct, because you cannot change it later. If you do not have a catalog, this step will not appear. In the commerce manager, Facebook automatically creates the catalog for you with your page name and code. You can add the products you want to add later.
  • After reviewing the vendor agreement, you can finish your adjustments by accepting it.

After you create your store, you can add the products you want to sell to your catalog. You can create collections by identifying the products you want to highlight, and you can perform customizations in your store such as changing the font, choosing the color of the accessories, and adjusting how it will appear in the themes on Instagram. If Facebook approves your store after reviewing it, your customers can start seeing your store.


Catalogs are a comprehensive section where you provide information about the products you want to promote on Facebook and Instagram. You can create and manage catalogs for products and other items in your inventory from the commerce manager. Catalogs offer you many different possibilities. E.g; You can add product information, create sets to advertise the products you want your customers to see, and add collections for your store. Using a single catalog instead of adding more than one catalog will be more advantageous for you in terms of creating your target audience and managing your products. You can use different ad types for the catalogs you create. Some of these ad types are:

  • Dynamic ads: It is the type of ad that automatically presents the products you add to your catalog to people who have previously searched on the internet.
  • Cross-Selling Ads: These are the sales ads that are planned by placing another relevant product from another product set in front of the customer who bought your product. With these ads, you aim to sell other products related to your products.
  • Collection ad format: It is an ad format that shows four products you have added from your catalog under a large media image and where people can get more information.
  • Carousel format ads: Ad formats containing multiple product images that people can switch between products.
  • Ads with product tags: These are the ads you create to advertise certain products in your store.


Why Should You Open a Facebook Store?

Facebook stores offer an affordable online selling opportunity that even the newest and small businesses can benefit from. Nowadays, people’s shopping reflexes have also loosened due to the ease of shopping and the expansion of opportunities. Considering these factors, Facebook stores can provide you with great advantages in order to make your products appear in front of people more often and make it easier for them to buy these products. Especially if you are using an e-commerce platform such as shopify, you can synchronize your created store with your store and automatically reflect the changes you make in Shopify to your Facebook store. Apart from this, a difficult and long shopping process is considered one of the biggest obstacles in front of people’s online shopping. Facebook and Instagram provide advantages by removing many obstacles that may arise at this point. For example, a person who adds a product to his cart on Instagram can complete his shopping later on Facebook, even if he switches between applications. You can publish your ads on Facebook and Instagram, which are the social platforms that people use the most during the day, and get them to take action. You can add links to your products on your Facebook and Instagram stories and help them browse through your products. In addition, the shopping search tabs on Facebook and Instagram are centers for you to showcase your products. You don’t even need to do anything for your products to be displayed there. Facebook algorithms will show visitors the products they are interested in based on their previous activity.

If you want to manage your ads on Facebook and Instagram and maximize your online sales, come to Perfist and learn more about our services!

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