Create Product Display Tag with Google Tag Manager for Sites Without Category/Product Filter in URL Structure

For sites without category or product filters in this article;

1- We will get the CSS information of a value that is unique on the product page (not found on other pages except product pages).

2- With this CSS value, we will create an element visibility trigger via GTM.

3- Finally, we will trigger the “product display” event that we want to create with element visibility trigger.

Note: If you have a single page website, you will need to reach the solution in a different way. Since the structure there is much different, if you create the setup we created in this article, your trigger may not work correctly.

What will be the solution?

We will trigger the product display event without breaking our url structure.

First, we go to the relevant site and open the product page. In this example I will get the CSS information of the product name.

Select the product name on the site, right-click and select inspect.

Create Product Display Tag

Then you will see the section where the selected area is selected in the window that opens. As in the image below, right-click on this field and select Copy>CSS selector and copy this value somewhere. We’ll need it in a few steps.


Create Product Display Tag

The next thing we will do is to create the Element Visibility trigger via GTM.

After opening GTM, follow the steps below in order.

Create Product Display Tag

First of all, we select the “element visibility” option from the “trigger” section.

Create Product Display Tag

In the window that opens, there are 2 important steps that I marked above. After completing these steps, you can name your trigger and end the process. This step will give us an element visibility option that will be triggered when we come to the product page.

Now it’s time to create our product display tag.

Create Product Display Tag

I created a product display tag for Facebook. You can follow the steps in order.
Since the parameter variables change on each site, you can add the code I will share below for testing purposes.


Note: When you copy, delete the track and ViewContent quotation marks and add them again in the same way. After editing it should look like this:

Create Product Display Tag


After all these processes, get a preview from the tag manager and check the processes.


Create Product Display Tag


Finally, I add a link for you to listen:

I hope that will be useful.

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