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Through our conversion optimization services, we ensure that target audiences navigating your web site or mobile application will result in tangible and profitable actions.

We live in a world of data. Everything we talk, we breathe, we see is data & each and every one of us process the world around us in our own unique ways. So it is only natural of businesses across the world to sway towards data-driven decision making mechanisms. Here at Perfist, our roadmap to successful optimisation begins with drawing insights from behavioural data.


We determine pros and cons by analyzing brands and sectors separately.


We identify strategies in which provide the brand’s needs and will lead the brand a step forward.


We perform strategies by creating a schedule both monthly and annually. 

To prepare UX recommendations best tailored to your audience, we analyse every step of your funnel inside and out. In cases of possible implementations, we apply A/B testing to see how your audience will adapt to the changes to provide them with the smoothest experience.

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