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It is used with the intention of obtaining high traffic via texts with high search volume and relatable to the subject.

Content marketing is a strategy that is used for obtaining high traffic via keywords with high search volume which is determined by the subject. In addition, it contributes to the strengthening of traffic by providing links to the product and blog pages on the current website. SEO-compatible contents, such as blog, category, product detail page, etc., have a huge impact on organic traffic and is an effective method preferred to rank higher in search results.


We determine pros and cons by analyzing brands and sectors separately.


We identify strategies in which provide the brand’s needs and will lead the brand a step forward.


We perform strategies by creating a schedule both monthly and annually. 

As Perfist, we provide a successful service in the field of content marketing with our content writers who produce content effectively with the rules and structures in both Turkish and English not the mention the fact that have detailed information about SEO. Thus, we lead you to obtain efficiency in a more organic way compared to Google Ads and Programmatic Advertising techniques.

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