The Effect of Marketing on Creativity and Design

As Perfist, in addition to SEO, CRO, and Web Analytics we also provide ads management and marketing services for Google, Facebook, and Instagram social platforms. And this is why we have to keep up with marketing processes as the design team. We also acknowledge other designers take this road with us. The main question is what kind of effect has marketing strategies had on us designers?

First of all, we all know that every client focuses on only the final profitable numbers in the results of his brand’s marketing. And of course, has every right for thinking this way. During this process, the hardest step to take is the creativity muscle of yours, also known as design. Each design should be unique and harmonious with the brand’s corporate identity. And the sad part of all this is that there won’t be enough time for the design process. Because of all the meetings with both clients and the marketing team, and the effort to decrease the revised number of your design in the oven. As Perfist Design team we prioritize the communication with the brand and take all the precautions before all the possible campaigns. And our secret ingredient is to maintain continuous and harmonious communication with our marketing team.

The topic I’d like to highlight is the part of marketing’s effects on the creative process. Because marketing is all about timing while the creative process needs and takes time. This is what makes it so challenging. Each designer has difficulty coming up with a creative idea focused on marketing’s natural process of limited time and budget. Web designers prefer to use our precious time not using the tools but focusing on and discussing ideas. For example, for a ten-day long project thinking process should last 9 days, and on the last day, they get down to work. In other words, to sum up, creativity needs flexibility. I admit that we do live in a consumptive world but limited time-based projects require preparations that usually have to be skipped because of the limited time. No matter how experienced or a good designer you are you should give importance to the preparation process and arrange all other steps accordingly. 

I wanted to highlight the time contradiction between marketing and design. And, of course, it is possible to create new methods through effective designs and brilliant ideas. But it is a fact that the more time a designer spends more time for creative processes the more successful results he gets. Because the right time management for each project increases the quality of work.

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Okay Aksu

Visual Designer

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Hello, I am Okay Aksu, I graduated from Istanbul Medeniyet University Visual Communication Design department with a bachelor's degree. I have been working as a Visual Designer at Perfist since 2019. Since I started working at Perfist, I have undertaken work in many creative areas such as many UX/UI projects, advertising creative works, social media designs and corporate identity designs. Today, we continue to carry out various design works for multiple brands to make a difference in the digital field.

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