Creating A Focal Point in Design

In design, the most critical and well-known definition of which is “communication”, we aim to nurture potential customers or viewers with the elements we place in the right place and with purpose in the design. Our mission is to create visuals that will enable brands and potential customers or audiences to communicate. This will vary depending on the purpose for which we made the design and who our target audience is. However, our main topic today will be choosing the Focal Point correctly.

The most effective way to create the Right Focal Point will be to get help from design principles such as hierarchy and typography. You must have come across it on social media. For the purpose of “Creating a Focal Point in Design”, a poster design is put in front of you and it is very likely that you can guess correctly from where your eyes are directed. As I mentioned above, the ideal way to create a focal point would again be to use design principles. But if you ask how, my answer will be to choose the right visuals and elements, limit the number of elements in the design, use the right colors and create a hierarchy.


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The great thing about focal point creation is that its placement is not limited to just one particular place. You can determine the focal point with the visuals you use or the geometric elements and colors you create yourself, according to the expectations of the brand you work with. You don’t have to specify it with shapes and colors. When you take a photo looking directly into the camera lens and place it in the middle of the frame, the person looking at your design will look directly there, as if someone is looking at you psychologically, it feels as if you are looking at him, as well as at him. Thus, you create a focal point.

The focal point that we can achieve with this and many other methods increases the effect of the design and brings us to the ultimate goal of design: communication. When you prepare a design that has a focal point and a design that does not, in order to create a correct communication resource, you can see the difference, namely the effect of the communication bridge, with your own eyes.





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