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Web AnalytIcs

Web Analytics is the process of collection, measurement, analysis & visualisation of marketing data from your websites & apps. Along with providing customer behaviour insights, it also helps shed light on the overall performance of E-commerce operations.

Discovering behavioural patterns of your customers will allow you to speak with the true tone to the true audience. To aid this process, we provide a large scale of services which include tailored documentation support to help your developers, Google Tag Manager integrations, ad-hoc & periodic reporting, Server-Side GTM integration, Facebook Conversions API integration, and Consent Mode setup.


We determine pros and cons by analyzing brands and sectors separately.


We identify strategies in which provide the brand’s needs and will lead the brand a step forward.


We perform strategies by creating a schedule both monthly and annually. 

A good tracking setup is essential for clean data. That's why we set off every one of our brands' web analytics journey by running a comprehensive audit on their accounts. In the next steps, we minimize the need for external development support by using Google Tag Manager for most integrations.

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