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We enlarge the visibility of your brand in search engines via optimizing your site and content marketing. Assist you to increase the qualified traffic that you gained apart from brand corporate.

Google and other search engines develop their algorithms to give the most accurate and useful results to users' searches. As Perfist,we take this approach as well and feed the landing pages with useful content. In addition, we aim for long-term continuous traffic with immortal content (evergreen content) as well as trending topics in brand blogs. Thanks to quality and inspiring content, we naturally increase the rate of the link building on ​​the internet and increase your organic traffic.


We determine pros and cons by analyzing brands and sectors separately.


We identify strategies in which provide the brand’s needs and will lead the brand a step forward.


We perform strategies by creating a schedule both monthly and annually. 

With the aim of optimizing the page speed based on technical issues and deficiencies, we carry out works.We think all of these topics over such as structured data, AMP, pushState and SEO relations,  PWA, SSR, voice call, and Bert models. During the work period, we use these free and paid tools such as Ahrefs, Majestic, Screaming Frog, Gtmetrix, Semrush, Search Console, GTM ve Google Analytics.

After carrying out SEO works, we provide Google Analytics and Search Console month-end data reports via Data Studio to the brands we work with, and daily change reports in search engines of the keywords we follow through Unamo.

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