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GA4 Setup and Training

Universal Analytics properties will cease data processing on July 1, 2023 (July 1, 2024 for Analytics 360 properties). The transition to Google Analytics 4 is a necessary procedure for every company. Google Analytics 4 has a significantly different structure compared to Universal Analytics. GA4, which utilizes Google's advanced machine learning models (artificial intelligence), is a different tool for UA users with its settings such as dimensions-metrics, attribution modeling, report configurations, etc. Therefore, configuring Google Analytics 4 correctly is crucial for obtaining high-quality and comprehensive data in reports.

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Perfist assists in ensuring a smooth transition by configuring tracking codes, custom dimensions and metrics, audiences, and other settings compatible with the new structure. We seamlessly transfer customized measurements such as goals, events, and e-commerce activities used in Universal Analytics to GA4 using methods such as gtag, dataLayer or Google Tag Manager. We provide comprehensive services with tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Looker Studio, Firebase, Adjust, and Google Optimize.

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We collect behavioral data of the website/application users with analytical tools.

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We collect behavioral data of the website/application users with analytical tools.

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We collect behavioral data of the website/application users with analytical tools.

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Frequently asked questions

We Solve the Problems With Our Expert Team

Google Analytics provides critical information for your website. You can take advantage of the e-commerce content management system by placing the Google Analytics tracking code on your website or through the Google Analytics application. In this way, you can make your marketing power more suitable for your target audience with the data you get. You can reach and compare them. But the default integrations only tell you the basics. However, you need expert teams for more efficient use of web/app analytics. As Perfist, we analyze click events, on-page performance metrics, demographic information of users, payment funnels metrics for you, which allow you to better understand your users and their journeys.

We use tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Firebase, Adjust, Looker Studio for web/app analysis.

Reporting varies according to the needs of our customers. We create custom reports via Google Looker Studio or Google Analytics 4. By courtesy of this reports, our customers can dynamically view the collected data.

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Duygu Dülger

Workindo Marketing Manager

After associating with Perfist, our conversion cost has decreased by approximately 20%, and the conversion rate increased by around 30%. We had positive results from the new techniques and campaign types we tested.

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Büşra Odekov

Brand Owner

The perfist team is consist of experienced and professional people. Actually, we have witnessed the founder’s delicacy about the team’s qualifications in person. We are aware of the advertisements and activities that are set up are really advanced.